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Culture Check #004

Hi there, boys and girls :)

Time for another long-awaited Culture Check post. This time, I’m looking at what’s going on as we all get ready for the holidays! (sidebar:  can you believe it’s already October?! yikes!)

Here’s a look at what I’ll be putting on my calendar for the next couple of months.

First I want to take a look at one of my favorite places in San Diego – MOPA. Aside from the obvious attraction to a photography museum, I love that they do a variety of events all year long. My favorite event is POP Thursdays, and I’m hoping to make it down for the next one on October 20th. They’re showing a collection of short films from the Bicycle Film Festival. Pretty cool, right? Get all the info HERE!    Can’t make it to POP Thursday? You’re in luck! They have a really awesome exhibit starting soon and showing through February 5th. It’s called Infinite Balance, and it shows the work of artists shortlisted for the Prix Pictet, which awards photography and sustainability. Check it out HERE!

If you want to go to something more intimate, I’ll be swinging by the Wine Lover to check out some awesome local talent! The event is spearheaded by Nick Z and it features a series of local musicians perform every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month in their outdoor patio. Check out the info HERE!

If all this culture makes you want to just grab a beer at a neighborhood bar, you’ll love Beer Week! It’s November 4-13, and always promises a packed schedule of tastings and deals to take advantage of. Get the full schedule HERE!

During my adventure up the coast a few weeks ago, I stopped at Solvang. I’d been wanting to see this little town for a long time, and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s adorable, and all I could think was how good it must look at Christmastime. After getting back home, I discovered they have a Christmas parade! So guess where I’ll hope to be on December 3rd…? :) There aren’t many details for the event, but you can see the city’s calendar of events HERE.

Now go get some culture!


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buh-bye July?

With just about one week left in July, it’s time to bust out the calendars and get psyched for what’s ahead. July’s been full of work and family, and August looks like it’ll be more about work and friends!

On the friends front, I’m looking forward to a camping trip to Idyllwild. I’ve never been, so it’ll be great to explore a new area (and I’m sure I’ll have loads of pictures to show for it afterwards!). I also think the local bars are missing me lately, so I’ll make it a point to stop by for a beer or two ;-)

On the work front, I’ll be prepping for the LeucadiArt Walk on the 28th. It’s a one day event, but those that have done art fairs before will agree, it’s a LOT of work! I’m hoping to meet lots of new folks, and lots of future clients :)  So far, I’ve gotten my calendars done (yay!!), and next up is placing the large order for new prints and then ordering my postcards to show off the fancy-schmancy portrait work I’ve done. Can’t wait to have those postcards in my hand!

I’d love to sneak in some photo day trips during August too. I miss taking my one-woman day trips with camera in hand and shooting everything that crosses my path! I think it’s time to reconnect with my camera. While I’m at it, I’ll be practicing a little more with my new flash. I bought it used, so no manual, and the manual I found online is not exactly thorough. So let the experimenting begin! I already did one shoot with it, and you can see the sneak peek here. I didn’t feel like I really had control of it though, so I’m looking forward to trying things out and sharing some fun results with you all!

Let’s see… what else? Oh! The most important part! I’ll be scheduling in time to recharge my brain and creativity. I’ve been feeling creatively drained lately, and there seems to be a lot going on at once while I spin in circles. Not a great feeling! As if sent by an angel, I read a very appropriate post this morning from one of my regular online inspirations, Tara Gentile. She writes about the importance of recharging yourself with rest and just plain fun. It made me think that I really should make it a point to take a little time to slow down every once in a while. If I get worn out, everything I do suffers. And nobody wants that!  ;-)


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The summer is heating up!

Oooooooh boy have I got updates for you!

Let’s get right to the juicy news and events, shall we?

I now TWEET! A couple of years ago, before Full Circle Images was ready to blossom, I gave Twitter a shot. My efforts only lasted about a month or two, though, before I got bored with it and gave up.  Well, now Full Circle Images is rarin’ to go and looking for new friends, so I’ve decided to give Twitter another try. I gotta say, it’s going pretty well so far, and I feel waaaay more prepared to tweet my day away now!  So what are you doing still reading this?! Go to Twitter and start following @fullcircle_sd today!

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across some info online about RAW:natural born artists. It’s an organization that aims to promote underground art and aid them in getting their name out into the world! A few emails and a phone call later, I’m one of the featured artists in their June 23rd event!! yay!  So, here’s the scoop. June 23rd, at the Ivy in downtown San Diego, from 8pm-10:30pm. There will be fashion, music, art (including me!!), film, and spoken word. I personally CANNOT WAIT for the spoken word performance.   So get your tickets for it today! Buy before the 20th and lock in the $10 price tag, and please be sure to select Full Circle Images from the drop down menu as the artist you choose to support :)  Get all the artists’ info and event tickets HERE.

Meanwhile, I’m frantically preparing for the LeucadiArt Walk on August 28th. I know, I know… it’s not for a couple of months! But you wouldn’t believe all the planning that goes into it! From business cards to a booth sign/banner, to print stock and display options, there is a lot to think about. It promises to be a good time, so keep that day open and be sure to stop by for a visit! All event info can be found HERE.

On a personal note, I’ve got some trips planned that I’m super excited about!  I’m going to Disneyland this weekend for what has become a nearly annual trip. It’ll be a great chance to not only see all the new rides/attractions, but to get some fun pics of my niece and nephew! It’ll be great practice for their upcoming portrait session! Plus, it’s my chance to get another picture with Goofy :)

I also have a trip to San Francisco on the books for September. It’s for a dear friend’s wedding, but I’m planning on making the most of the trip up there! I’ll be driving up the coast on the way there, stopping frequently for loads of pictures! I’ll be looking for suggestions of what to do with my free time that weekend or what places are particularly picturesque (Napa, anyone?), so any recommendations are appreciated :)

Finally, I just booked a trip to Columbus, Ohio in October!! I can hear you now – “Columbus?! What’s so special about Columbus?!”  Well, one of my closest friends has been living there for five years and I’ll FINALLY get to see where she lives. Honestly, though, it works out perfectly for me too. It’s dirt cheap (using miles and no need for reservations there!), it’ll be relaxing just to be away for a long weekend, and it’s a new place for me so I’ll be thoroughly fascinated the entire time. Besides, maybe Columbus will be the next “it” city to vacation in ;-)

So are those enough updates for ya? I’m honestly super excited about every one of those plans, and can’t wait to share some photos and stories from each one. Of course, I want there to be loads more events to report to you, so if you hear of anything that may be a good opportunity, or if you or someone you know wants some portraits or commercial photos taken, let me know! I’m always available and LOVE getting mail :)

Till next time, kids!


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Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Do you ever get so caught up in the rush rush rush that you don’t know what to do when you have a few minutes to just BE? That was my Sunday.

Most of my day was wide open for whatever I wanted to do. I had every intention of going to a yoga class in the park this morning, but in the end my pillow was just too comfortable :) One day, though, I WILL go to a yoga class in the park!

You’d think that having almost a full day to unwind and get caught up for my next week’s work would be great, but I woke up and just didn’t know what to do! I had been on auto pilot this whole week, and now had to actually think and organize myself. It was weird.

First things first – breakfast! A rarity in my house, since I’m usually running late for the office or waking up late. While I enjoyed my breakfast, I browsed the paper and caught up a little on my online world. After a friend’s recommendation, I’m considering starting up again with Twitter. I’m almost convinced to give it another go and see if it works for me, but I think I’ll save that for another day this week. Any Twitter advice would be really appreciated in my comments below!!

After filling up my belly, I was off to the storage unit to grab some things for next weekend’s big camping trip! With cooler and tent in hand, I head back home to start my lists. Oh lists, how I’ve missed you…. one list for camping, one list for art fair prep needed (LeucadiArt Walk). Now, my mind can relax a little :)

Then, what Sunday would be complete without catching up on my missed TV shows from the week? Hello, Hulu! After watching a week’s worth of Daily Show, I feel much much better.

So here I am… pretty caught up online (for the moment), much better prepared for camping, mind at ease with lists in hand, and up to date on my Daily Show habit. What’s next? I’m getting ready for an awesome local event that’s being hosted by my friend, Bryan, at Dfab Studios. I’ll be taking some pictures of tonight’s festivities, so keep an eye out for that!

Now, I’m off to cook some dinner before I go put on my party clothes.


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Culture Check #003 – Summer edition!

I found myself driving down the coast around sunset one day, and decided to stop at the Oceanside harbor to watch the last of the sunset colors disappear.  As I pulled into the harbor parking lot and drove all the way to the end, I started smelling bonfires and seeing RV’s everywhere. That’s when it hit me – summer’s just about here!

So what does summer mean to you? To me, it’s lots of plans with family, crowded beaches, camping trips, and taking part in every excuse for a party.  This year, I already have a camping trip to Joshua Tree, a weekend in Disneyland, a movie date with one of my nephews, a photo date with one of my nieces, and a possible art fair (my only one for the year!!).

Looking for stuff to fill your summer calendar? Here are a few ideas:

**Cinco de Mayo is almost here, and what better place to spend it than in Old Town San Diego?? The area will most definitely be hoppin’, so read up on the details here and get down there!

**The San Diego Botanic Gardens has a CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL!!  It’s on May 7th, and is free with admission to the gardens. More info here.

**I just found out that there’s an Imogen Cunningham exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art. It’s been going on since early January, and goes until late May. As a female photographer, I will be making it a point to check this one out! Get all the details here.

**Looking for more work from awesome women with cameras? Check out the Rachel Blaser exhibit at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. This one is going on for all of June and July. Get the details here.

**This organization caught my eye a while back, and I’m hoping to check out some of their work soon. It’s “Art Meets Fashion”, and they do exhibits and events at various locations throughout San Diego county, usually in public buildings where you wouldn’t normally expect to see artsiness :)  For info on current and upcoming locations, click here.

**If you find yourself looking for something to do on a Wednesday morning, consider yourself lucky to not be inside an office! Then head down to Coronado for a Heritage Walk. You get to enjoy the beautiful weather, stretch your legs, and learn some new stuff about our famous island. Details can be found here.

There ya go… now get out there! I’ll make an extra s’more for you ;-)


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