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Ready, Set… Fall!


Hello, September! Kids are going back to school, days are getting a little shorter, and the air is feeling a little cooler. Fall is a-comin’!  It is a wonderful time to get out and shoot, but where do you start? Since Fall is my favorite season by far, I wanted to pass along some ideas of what to photograph.











1. First, the obvious. Fall foliage! When you see those bright fall colors, keep in mind the time of day. It’s best to photograph foliage in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sunlight is soft and golden. The colors will be brighter, the shadows will be softer, and you’ll capture the real feeling of fall time.


2. Look at details! Maybe it’s a corner of the fringe on your favorite scarf, or the texture of that bright orange leaf, or the steam coming off a hot cup of cocoa… whatever you choose to focus on, be sure to get close and personal! Showing off details of an object show things like texture and color, so you get to “feel” that object. So don’t be afraid to zoom in!


3. Fall is all about f-o-o-d! Check out your local farmers’ market for all the brightly colored fruits and veggies on display. Are farmers’ markets not your thing? Look for a local pumpkin patch or apple field and spend some time walking the grounds! You’ll see kids picking out pumpkins, baskets full of apples, and lots of details to capture.(Local tip: Julian is famous for apples, and September is the perfect time for apple-picking! Find info HERE)


4. Tired of the same ol’ views? Go explore! Go for a day trip to someplace new and you never know what fall sights you’ll find.

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A Tibetan twist in India

Dharamsala was nothing like I expected. I didn’t expect a quiet town full of Tibetan monks wandering down the streets and chanting through lush gardens, but I did expect a charming hill town with a meditative energy to it that would make me love nature even more. What I got instead was a bustling hill town with kiosks targeting tourists at every corner and drivers that – judging by the honking and near misses of people, cars, and cows – learned to drive in Delhi. I didn’t find the relaxing village I had hoped for, but my hotel room did serve as a small oasis with unbelievable views that I could’ve easily stared at for a few more days.



~My fabulous hotel stay :)~

~Views from my balcony~

the donkeys came by every morning around 5am :)

~McLeod Ganj Main Temple (of His Holiness the Dalai Lama)~

(no photos were permitted inside the actual temple space)

~A stroll through town~

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Good morning and good night

How did my new year start? With some Polar Bears diving into a foggy ocean!

How did I end the first day of the new year? With a lovely walk down the boardwalk in Santa Monica!

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My Love Affair with Food

What’s a long holiday weekend without piles and piles of food??

I’m lucky to have a mom that does incredible custom decorated cakes and desserts, as well as traditional Argentinean desserts. Naturally, they beg to have their photo taken. Here’s a peek at what I sampled this weekend (don’t get too jealous!).



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‘Tis the Season… SoCal style

I’m still coming back down to earth after a long weekend filled with eating, sleeping, laughing, and just plain being lazy :)

One of the highlights of my weekend was an afternoon adventure with a couple of photographer friends through the streets of San Diego. We were out for a few hours, but those hours flew by! We saw the crowds trying to ice skate on a lake (I guess that’s bound to happen when you put ice outdoors in San Diego!), we had a chat with Santa, we walked the mall crowds, and then ended up on the lit-up streets of Gaslamp.

Check out the highlights from my adventure!


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‘Tis the Season!


Here you go, boys and girls.  My December newsletter. A look back at 2011, and a look ahead at 2012. This year has been an amazing ride, and I see 2012 being an even more incredible year!!

Do you get my monthly goodness delivered to your inbox?  No?? Well, let’s fix that! Click HERE to sign up.



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My afternoon at December Nights

Are you feeling Christmasy yet?! I hope so, because it’s now officially Christmas time in San Diego!

I spent several hours in good company yesterday, exploring the December Nights event at Balboa Park. It was awesome! My only regret is that I bought something to eat before getting to the international cottages’ food stations, so then I was left drooling over the food that I was too full to be able to eat! Other than that, it was a great day out. We decided to go early after a parking debacle 2 years ago taught us that timing is everything. So our outing started around 3:30 and we left the park around 7:30. The timing was perfect – we beat the super heavy traffic, but were there to see the lights go on and sparkle throughout the entire park!

I don’t think photos can really tell the story of everything that is at this event, but here are some highlights I was able to capture for you :)


I think this is the Museum of Man... Just as you cross the bridge into the park. Gorgeous!

Christmas tree in front of the Old Globe Theater... Dr. Seuss style!

We were lucky enough to get a close-up peek at the bagpipers practicing and tuning up.

Makes me dizzy just looking at it.

My favorite shot of the night - the Gravitron!

Prizes galore!

Even though it was pretty chilly out, the skies were completely clear and gorgeous.

Smurf mania!

A choir performance in front of the Christmas Tree in the Organ Pavilion. Loved the colors!

Go, Rudolph!

One of the many many lights throughout the artists' village area near the zoo.

Someone in the audience suggested he play blindfolded. Aside from a couple of missed notes, he did a really good job!

I was suprised that the Botancal Bldg. wasn't more illuminated, but these light shapes did look very cool.

This plaza was pretty empty when we arrived... jam packed when we left!

Lest you forget you're in San Diego, there was a mariachi band performing over the archway that leads into the main plaza of the park. It was pretty awesome :)

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Adventures in baking

Happy holidays!!


With Thanksgiving now behind us, we all start to think about the end-of-the-year holidays and starting fresh in January. This involves food. Lots and lots of food :)

While I didn’t do a lot of actual cooking for Thanksgiving this year, I did do some baking. I was determined to try a recipe I saw for Sweet Potato Cupcakes w/ Chocolate Centers. It took a little longer than I’m used to, but it was SO worth it!


I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes and yams. So when I saw that they could be in desserts, too, I was thrilled!

Aluminum foil cups dressed up cupcakes for the holiday :)



Time to bake!! Hershey kisses are unwrapped and ready to insert…



And now… time for the ICING!!


Combine the two and…. TA-DA!!!


They were amazing! I will most definitely be making these again. I think I found my new “regular” dessert :)



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Beware the ides of… November?

‘Tis the ides of November… aka, it’s the 15th. My email newsletter went out this morning, a week behind schedule (hey, I’m an arteeeest! Timely scheduling is a challenge for me sometimes…). I’m hopeful that within the next couple of months I’ll have some sort of routine down for these,but who knows!

So I sent out my newsletter, all excited because of the juicy info and links on it. I always send myself a copy to see how the finished product looks, and so while I was reviewing my masterpiece, I noticed a typo. I’m no perfectionist by any means (in fact, I prefer imperfections in most things), but I felt a twinge of “doh!” when I read “FYI” instead of “DIY”.




So here it is. My flawed, late, yet still awesome newsletter.

The Calm Before the Storm (November newsletter)


And if you’re not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Click HERE to quickly sign up and get this juiciness delivered to your inbox every month. Give or take a few days ;-)



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