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Ready, Set… Fall!


Hello, September! Kids are going back to school, days are getting a little shorter, and the air is feeling a little cooler. Fall is a-comin’!  It is a wonderful time to get out and shoot, but where do you start? Since Fall is my favorite season by far, I wanted to pass along some ideas of what to photograph.











1. First, the obvious. Fall foliage! When you see those bright fall colors, keep in mind the time of day. It’s best to photograph foliage in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sunlight is soft and golden. The colors will be brighter, the shadows will be softer, and you’ll capture the real feeling of fall time.


2. Look at details! Maybe it’s a corner of the fringe on your favorite scarf, or the texture of that bright orange leaf, or the steam coming off a hot cup of cocoa… whatever you choose to focus on, be sure to get close and personal! Showing off details of an object show things like texture and color, so you get to “feel” that object. So don’t be afraid to zoom in!


3. Fall is all about f-o-o-d! Check out your local farmers’ market for all the brightly colored fruits and veggies on display. Are farmers’ markets not your thing? Look for a local pumpkin patch or apple field and spend some time walking the grounds! You’ll see kids picking out pumpkins, baskets full of apples, and lots of details to capture.(Local tip: Julian is famous for apples, and September is the perfect time for apple-picking! Find info HERE)


4. Tired of the same ol’ views? Go explore! Go for a day trip to someplace new and you never know what fall sights you’ll find.

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Welcome to winter in SoCal

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.”

–Isak Dinesen



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Adventures in baking

Happy holidays!!


With Thanksgiving now behind us, we all start to think about the end-of-the-year holidays and starting fresh in January. This involves food. Lots and lots of food :)

While I didn’t do a lot of actual cooking for Thanksgiving this year, I did do some baking. I was determined to try a recipe I saw for Sweet Potato Cupcakes w/ Chocolate Centers. It took a little longer than I’m used to, but it was SO worth it!


I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes and yams. So when I saw that they could be in desserts, too, I was thrilled!

Aluminum foil cups dressed up cupcakes for the holiday :)



Time to bake!! Hershey kisses are unwrapped and ready to insert…



And now… time for the ICING!!


Combine the two and…. TA-DA!!!


They were amazing! I will most definitely be making these again. I think I found my new “regular” dessert :)



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Beware the ides of… November?

‘Tis the ides of November… aka, it’s the 15th. My email newsletter went out this morning, a week behind schedule (hey, I’m an arteeeest! Timely scheduling is a challenge for me sometimes…). I’m hopeful that within the next couple of months I’ll have some sort of routine down for these,but who knows!

So I sent out my newsletter, all excited because of the juicy info and links on it. I always send myself a copy to see how the finished product looks, and so while I was reviewing my masterpiece, I noticed a typo. I’m no perfectionist by any means (in fact, I prefer imperfections in most things), but I felt a twinge of “doh!” when I read “FYI” instead of “DIY”.




So here it is. My flawed, late, yet still awesome newsletter.

The Calm Before the Storm (November newsletter)


And if you’re not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Click HERE to quickly sign up and get this juiciness delivered to your inbox every month. Give or take a few days ;-)



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Pumpkin Porn, Giant Concrete Corn, and Fall Galore (Part II)

In case you missed Part I of my Ohio adventure, be sure to check that out first so you get the whole story :)

Now, day 2 was pumpkin day. Nevermind that I don’t really care for pumpkin-flavored anything, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to go to something so unique! We headed out to Circleville, OH (Pumpkin Capital of the World, FYI ;) ) and thankfully beat a lot of traffic to it.

First stop – pumpkin donuts. I’d been hearing about these donuts for months, and oh-my-goodness did they live up to the stories!

Next stop was the central intersection with all the prize-winning pumpkins and tables full of gourds for sale. The largest pumpkins were about 1,200 lbs.   Yep, you read that right. I bought a little mini white pumpkin with orange stripes for my apartment, and we moved on to the self-proclaimed “Greatest Free Show on Earth”, a.k.a. local art/agricultural competition winners. It was actually very interesting and bigger than expected, and totally worthwhile.

We walked down the street past pumpkin pies, pumpkin shakes, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pizza, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin chili, etc… and ended up near the main stage, which had a pumpkin pie-eating competition going on! I had to see this. We saw the kids compete, and boy did they ever! One girl actually couldn’t get her pie down, spit it out, and then went back for more. Pretty gross, but that’s one tough little girl.  Finally, I went to get a bloomin’ onion just because I had not had one in years and figured a small town festival would be the best place to indulge :)

After the festival it was time to hit the road, but not before getting some lunch! (and yes, our plans always did revolve around food. :) ) I had seen White Castle the day before and asked that we go there because I’d never been… so that’s where we had lunch! After we stuffed our faces, we took a drive through Circleville to see Hitler Rd.  Yep, you read that correctly. Hitler Rd. Actually, there are three Hitler Rd’s, plus a Hitler Cemetery, and I think there was a Hitler Park too. They’re all named after a prominent local family who did a large amount of farming, but they are great conversation starters too! ;)

We beat the horrible traffic for the pumpkin festival. Thank goodness!

Up next was Dayton! We stopped in at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force on the way in to town. I’m not a huge fanatic for military stuff, but it was pretty cool to see all those planes up close! We took our time walking through there and then headed to the UD campus.

Our stop at UD was unexpected but nice. The campus reminded me A LOT of the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, VA, so in a way it gave me a chance to reminisce :) That being said, I felt really really old walking through a campus. hahaha. It’s been a long time!  Dayton was our last stop for the day, so it was great to end the day with more gorgeous fall colors.

The rest of my trip was very low key, mostly spent shopping and vegging on a couch :) It was wonderful! Before I knew it, I was headed back home. Happy to be going home, but not looking forward to getting back to routine. I did manage to use the flights back for some brainstorming and stargazing…


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Pumpkin Porn, Giant Concrete Corn, and Fall Galore (Part I)

It took me five years, but I finally made it to visit my dear friend in her ‘new’ home in Ohio. I, of course, was super excited to see her and her home, but a close second was my excitement to attend the Annual Pumpkin Festival in Circleville, OH. An entire festival of pumpkiness?? That sounded like amazing people-watching! In all honesty, I don’t even like the taste of pumpkin all that much, but when else am I going to attend a pumpkin festival? And once I found out that Circleville is the Pumpkin Capital of the World, I was giddy with anticipation!!

But let’s start at the beginning. I had three goals: 1) visit with my dear friend and see her home, 2) find fall colors and brisk air that is lacking in Southern California, 3) see the pumpkin festival in all its weirdness! All three missions were accomplished :)

A v-e-r-y early flight out of Orange County gave me some time to sleep before arriving.

After a casual dinner out, we started the next day by heading to a local park to take in the views.

This ducked LOVED me and my camera. I was very happy to take advantage of his posing!

Even though it was quite overcast, this park was beautiful! It was especially nice being there when it was so quiet and empty. It really gave us a chance to soak in the brisk air and gorgeous colors.

Day one had just started! Next up, we went to see an odd landmark in Dublin – 6′ tall concrete corn! It’s an art installation that is supposed to represent the agricultural aspect of the area, but it’s basically just become this bizzarro army of concrete corn by the road. I was loving it! There were also these trees right by the giant corn, and the trees apparently had these big fruits on them that had started falling off. You’ll see them in the pics, and I’d never seen them before, but they seemed fitting because the inside of them kind looks like corn kernels… anyway, I was a bit intrigued by them, so they make an appearance in a couple of pics :)

After visiting the corn, we headed into town to get some lunch. We headed straight for The North Market and started wandering through their aisles to find the perfect lunch. After a Mediterranean lunch and yummy locally-made ice cream, we got some chocolate treats to-go from an adorable little old lady with an accent (the chocolates were awesome, by the way!). By then we needed to walk off our lunch, so we walked all along the Short North area and popped into some shops along the way. I fell in love with a stone building with ivy growing all up it, and decided that if I were to ever live in Columbus, I would live in that building  :)

We kept seeing cabbage in planters… looks like it’s become popular!

That was one full day!! Keep an eye out for Part II with more photos and details from the rest of my trip, including the pumpkin festival!!



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A taste of the buckeye

I just came back from a wonderful vacation visiting my best friend in Ohio. I am happy to report that I found the fall that I was looking for! yay! I haven’t had a chance to sit down to edit yet, but I couldn’t resist posting just one shot to give you a taste of the cool fall weather and sights we had. Full post with loads more photos coming soon!



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