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> Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Testing for cerebral palsy is never an easy process, but if you understand what to expect beforehand and prepares yourself for the fact that your child may undergo a series of tests and exams, the process will go a bit smoother.

Although there isn’t one single exam or test that confirms cerebral palsy, a series of observations, screenings, and testing over this first 2 to 5 years is typically how the diagnosis is made. Testing can include measuring growth, development, and ruling out other conditions.

In some instances, cerebral palsy symptoms are so severe shortly after birth that a physician can make the diagnosis right away.Early diagnosis is important as the sooner intervention and treatment begins, the better the child’s quality of life can be.

All infants undergo screenings when born in order to uncover any disorders or medical issues. For example, all states in the nation administer screenings on newborns for sickle cell diseases, PKU (phenylketonuria), hypothyroidism, and galactosemia. Other screenings that occur in most states including hearing screenings and metabolism disorder screenings.

An APGAR (activity, pulse, grimace, appearance, and respiration) score is almost always performed on newborns in order to check for heart and respiratory health. A low APGAR may indicate that further screenings and possible tests are needed.

Although screenings will not diagnose cerebral palsy, they are an important factor in determining if further tests are needed in order to diagnose medical conditions that can’t be diagnosed with screenings alone.

Developmental screenings are generally given at certain ages (9 months, 18 months, and 24 or 30 months) to see if the child is developing properly and rule out any issues. During 9 months of age, issues with an infant’s movements can be seen more easily when compared to birth. Cerebral palsy may be noticed at this stage, but physicians will need to run additional tests to be sure.

Mild movements, however, are easier seen when the baby turns 18 months old, but between 24 and 30 provides doctors with the best options in observing all kinds of movement.

These developmental screenings are extremely important as your child’s physician can start early intervention as soon as possible.Numerous early intervention services are available in most areas to help both children and families, including family training, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, assistive technology, and much more.

Tests, more definitive and conclusive when compared to screenings, can help rule out conditions and assist physicians in pinpointing cerebral palsy. As mentioned earlier, there is no single test to diagnose cerebral palsy, but if a doctor suspects the disorder, a series of tests will be conducted.

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| Sep 25, 2015 | Uncertificated Shares

Although the public markets ditched paper certificates a long time ago, they didn’t just replace them with “electronic certificates.” Rather, public companies now rely on a much better solution, and there’s no reason why private companies can’t follow their example.

For too long, the dynamics of private stock ownership have remained relatively unchanged and rudimentary. Private companies issue some sort of stock certificate that serves as an official record of ownership, and lawyers handle the mechanics of sales, transfers, etc. Lately, things have progressed a little for private companies with the introduction of e-certificates, but public markets have already come up with an even better solution.

So rather than just moving paper stock certificates to the cloud, why not build a solution modeled after the most efficient market system in the world?

The Public Market’s Solution: Get Rid of Stock Certificates Entirely

As it is, most companies rely on an outdated system of issuing stock certificates as the official record of stock ownership. But do you really need something that looks like this to certify your ownership of stock?

Turns out you don’t. The requirements for issuing legally recognized stock aren’t actually that hard to satisfy, and it shouldn’t really cost anything.

Direct Registration: The Replacement for Certificates

The public markets mostly abandoned certificates decades ago in favor of the Direct Registration System (DRS), which “allows you to have your security registered in your name on the books of the issuer without the need for a physical certificate to serve as evidence of your ownership.” (). In other words, the DRS is basically just a ledger of who owns what that is maintained by the issuing company or by the company’s transfer agent.

What a concept! No fancy certificates needed – digital or otherwise. It’s just basic bookkeeping.

If you sell your shares in IBM, the transfer agent’s electronic ledger simply gets updated to reflect the fact that you sold some number of shares to a buyer, who is now the recorded owner on the transfer agent’s books. (In reality, the mechanics of a sale are complicated by brokers, custodians, clearing houses, regulators, etc. But the point is that everything is done electronically and with precision.)

Can Private Companies Do the Same?

Can’t private companies do something similar? Instead of issuing certificates to everyone, can’t they just record everything in a ledger?

The answer is yes.

Every state has their own laws, but in Delaware (where most startups are incorporated) the law provides for something called “uncertificated” shares:

So essentially, the board just has to make a resolution that all shares going forward will be uncertificated. Any shares previously issued as certificates can become uncertificated by simply handing them back over to the company and issuing uncertificated shares in their place. As we mentioned in another recent article, every state in the United States (and most other countries) support uncertificated shares.

The Benefits of Uncertificated Shares

But what exactly does it mean for a company to issue “uncertificated” shares? And what are the benefits?

1) No More Certificate Hassle

First of all, you can ditch all forms of stock certificates along with the need to get signatures from the recipients for proof of receipt . Instead, you can simply email the shareholder a written notice that contains all the relevant info pertaining to the issuance and the company, as well as a clearly conspicuous way for the shareholder to request more information if desired. Then all you need is an accurate way to keep track of all the shares that have been issued.

Really? You don’t need to send around certificates and get signatures from every single shareholder? And you can have all official records of ownership organized and accessible from one source?


As an aside, even though you technically don’t need to get formal signatures from shareholders, it’s probably still a good idea to at least get some form of acknowledgement from each person. That way you cover all your bases and greatly reduce the probability of disputes. This process can be drastically simplified through an online platform.

2) Switching Over is Easy

What’s also great is that you can change to uncertificated shares going forward without having to do any additional work for existing certificates. While it may be worthwhile to have everyone turn in their old certificates in exchange for uncertificated shares, it’s not a requirement. So if you don’t want to track everyone down, you don’t have to. You can just keep track of existing certificates alongside uncertificated shares within the same system.

3) Empowers Companies to Act As Their Own Transfer Agent

Shareholders can no longer just sell or transfer their certificates without the company’s knowledge. Because there are no physical certificates, the company’s ledger is the official representation of all shares outstanding, so in order to execute a legal transaction, shareholders are forced to engage the company in a formal process that can be executed and recorded properly.

This makes it easy for companies to act as their own transfer agents. There’s no need to pay fees for someone else to handle this.

4) Manage With Software

With uncertificated shares, every transaction can be easily recorded, documented, and verified in an electronic and indisputable manner. And every shareholder can have access to this information according to their information rights.

Theoretically this could all be accomplished with a spreadsheet , but Clarks Rosalyn Wren Bow Black Belly Shoes cheap low price fee shipping RzBAjXl
. Public companies could just use spreadsheets too, but obviously that would not meet standards for security, accuracy, speed, accessibility and so forth. You’re better off using a system designed specifically for tracking stock issuances in a ledger-based form.

How to Make the Switch

Given the simplicity and ease of this approach, why doesn’t every private company use it? We did some research, and we couldn’t find any good reason not to.

Think about your bank account – it is not a safety deposit box with physical dollar bills in it. And you don’t ever request ornate PDF copies of dollar bills. Your account’s balance is simply represented by a number on an electronic ledger. Most people even opt out of monthly paper statements to help save the environment.

Private companies need to make a similar paradigm shift.It’s time to do away with certificates completely!So how does a company go about issuing uncertificated shares? It’s actually pretty easy.

Issuing uncertificated shares generally involves three steps:

And that’s about all you need to do. Orrick has provided a library of sample legal documents that contains all the language you’d need to start issuing uncertificated shares. But again, consult an attorney before taking any legal action .

Are there situations where you might want a physical certificate? In rare circumstances, yes. But in any situation where a physical certificate is needed, the shareholder can simply request one from the company.Also, most sophisticated online equity systems offer other simple solutions to this problem and many other 2018 New Arrival Fashion 98 Gundam Sports Running Shoes for High quality Mens 98s White Blue Red Black Outdoor Athletic Sneakers Size 4046 cheap sale footlocker pictures 3ZZNg2vCXJ
. A few institutions, like banks and some VCs, will be late adopters. But we don’t need to set the standard based on these edge cases. The uncertificated system is more efficient while still offering provisions for other modes of ownership representation.


We no longer need a fancy looking physical or electronic document that represents ownership. What we need is an efficient way to issue and keep track of shares so that all shareholders have access to the right information about their holdings at any time.

The public markets have been doing this for a while. It’s about time that private companies adopt a similar approach.

If you are ready to move over, we have prepared a step-by-step implementation guide that will walk you through the process of getting ready to issue electronic stock in your company. Click on the link below to get the guide.

The shares of a corporation shall be represented by certificates, provided that the board of directors of the corporation may provide by resolution or resolutions that some or all of any […] of its stock shall be uncertificated shares .

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Most people in the world dream of travel. But travel anxiety is also very common. Many people are simply afraid of travelling - some people may not even realize it - and those fears make it much harder to travel for work or pleasure.

This article explores the idea of travel anxiety, as well as provides tips and information on what you can do to reduce that anxiety in the future.

Travel Anxiety is Often Due to Life Anxiety

Are you someone that finds yourself anxious most of the time, even when not travelling? The more anxiety you experience in your daily life, the more likely you'll experience travel anxiety. Learn how to control anxiety by taking my free anxiety test.

Start the test here .

Travel anxiety is such a complex issue that some people have the anxiety without even realizing it. There are those that find that they'll make an effort to avoid travelling as best they can (like not buying a ticket or thinking up excuses) because the idea of travelling makes them anxious, yet they do not even realize that they have travel anxiety in the first place.

Those with persistent generalized anxiety and panic attacks are also prone to travel anxiety simply because travel represents change and distance from comfort. If you haven't taken my anxiety test ., make sure you do so now.

Travel anxiety is unlikely to have any one specific cause. Many people have travel anxiety their entire lives. Others seem to develop the anxiety either because of some experiences or from nothing at all. Some examples of travel anxiety causes include:

Fear of Flying Horror Stories Home Comfort Post Trip Worries

But this is just a simplified list. You may not even know the exact reasons that you travel anxiety developed. It is possible - and important - to understand what your specific worries are (we'll get to that in a moment), but it isn't always possible to know why you have those worries. Travel anxiety affects many people, and when it does it can be fairly disruptive.

Of course, knowing these issues is only the first step. Ideally, you'll also want to learn how to overcome your travel anxiety and travel much more easily. Consider the following tips and strategies to make travel anxiety easier:

Don't Avoid It Figure Out Your Fears _caused_ Be Prepared Way in Advance Have Someone to Call at Home Take Vacation Breaks Plan an Empty First Vacation

Beyond these travel anxiety ideas, you'll also want to focus on reducing your overall anxiety. Anxiety is a cumulative disorder. When you experience anxiety in one area of your life, it causes more anxiety in another area of your life. If you have any anxiety on a daily basis, reducing that anxiety will provide you with a powerful advantage when it comes to fighting your anxiety overall.

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