On and off the road

Just before New Year, I took a road trip to Arizona with a few friends. I’ve already shown you what the official center of the world looks like, and you’ve seen my visit to the amazing Taliesin West, but one of the best things about road trips is all the random things you spot along the way! From amazing skies to miniature dinosaurs, you just never know what you find at roadside stops.



On the road (website)-4.jpgOn the road (website)-3.jpgOn the road (website)-13.jpgOn the road (website)-15.jpgOn the road (website)-7.jpgOn the road (website)-6.jpgOn the road (website)-8.jpgOn the road (website)-5.jpgOn the road (website)-18.jpgOn the road (website)-19.jpgOn the road (website)-9.jpgOn the road (website)-11.jpgOn the road (website)-12.jpgOn the road (website)-16.jpgOn the road (website)-2.jpgOn the road (website)-17.jpg

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Mies van der Rohe goes to the zoo

I find something I love about every property that I photograph. From the typical apartment to the most spectacular home, they each have something unique to unearth. Every once in a while, though, I get the opportunity to photograph a property that stands out architecturally. These are the ones that make me especially happy to do what I do :)

In the hills of La Jolla is a home that looks very ordinary from the street, but comes to life once you step inside. It was designed by the architect Russell Forester, who was a student of Mies van der Rohe. The influence is very clear, especially when you see the glass wall that makes up the entire rear facade. And who wouldn’t want a full glass facade to your backyard when that backyard was designed by the same landscape architect that designed the San Diego Zoo? Add in a giraffe or two, and you could probably charge admission to this yard. Beautiful!

The home is about to go into renovation, during which it will be updated and slightly expanded. The character, though, is breathtaking even today…





Joy and David (website)-3.jpgJoy and David (website)-10.jpgJoy and David (website)-2.jpgJoy and David (website)-7.jpgJoy and David (website)-9.jpgJoy and David (website)-21.jpgJoy and David (website)-20.jpgJoy and David (website)-41.jpgJoy and David (website)-32.jpgJoy and David (website)-48.jpgJoy and David (website)-38.jpgJoy and David (website)-45.jpgJoy and David (website)-47.jpgJoy and David (website)-36.jpg

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The best sunsets happen after the sun sets

Did you ever notice that when crowds gather to watch a sun set, most people leave immediately after the sun is below the horizon? And did you ever notice that there are always a few folks with cameras lingering around a bit longer? That’s because all those amazing colors in the sky happen AFTER the sun is below the horizon. Not convinced?

I went to Lake Miramar recently to go shoot some nature just for fun. Sure, I got shots while the sun was out. The ones I got after the sunset, though, are my absolute favorite! See for yourself…



Lake Miramar-1-2.jpgLake Miramar-2-2.jpgLake Miramar-3-2.jpgLake Miramar-6.jpgLake Miramar-5-2.jpg


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At the Center of the World

Taliesin West wasn’t the only thing I visited during a recent road trip to Arizona… there was also a stop at the official center of the world! Yes, you read that correctly. Near Yuma, CA you’ll see a simple white chapel on a manmade hill just off the North side of the freeway. This landmark is part of the grounds of the “official” center of the world at Felicity, CA. To say it’s an interesting stop would be a HUGE understatement, especially if you like quirky roadside attractions! For just $5, you get to watch a video of the history of the site, you get a short tour of the grounds, and you get to go inside the pyramid and stand on the actual point that is considered the official center of the world. For more info on this site, check out their site HERE!

There’s more to show you from the road trip, but I’ll save that for another day! If you missed my photo coverage of Taliesin West, see the full photo album HERE. Stay tuned for more photos of all the roadside silliness!



Center of the World (website)-2.jpgCenter of the World (website)-3.jpgCenter of the World (website)-4.jpgCenter of the World (website)-7.jpgCenter of the World (website)-6.jpgCenter of the World (website)-10.jpgCenter of the World (website)-20.jpgCenter of the World (website)-16.jpgCenter of the World (website)-12.jpgCenter of the World (website)-13.jpgCenter of the World (website)-14.jpgCenter of the World (website)-15.jpgCenter of the World (website)-17.jpgCenter of the World (website)-18.jpgCenter of the World (website)-19.jpgCenter of the World (website)-21.jpgCenter of the World (website)-22.jpgCenter of the World (website)-23.jpgCenter of the World (website)-24.jpgCenter of the World (website)-11.jpg

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A Winter’s Day at Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright has been my favorite American architect for as long as I can remember. So when I got a chance to take a short road trip and visit Taliesin West, I couldn’t turn it down! Taliesin West has been one of my dream destinations for many years, and visiting any architectural landmark is even more meaningful now that Full Circle Images blends architecture and photography.

Below is a selection of images from my tour through the Taliesin West property. Please keep in mind that this was a public tour which went into most (but not all) of the structures, and it also allowed photography in some (but not all :) ) interior spaces.

My personal favorite – the room for dinner theater! It’s complete with a walkway that’s flooded with natural light, twinkle lights on the ceiling (added recently), folding tables for the guests, incredible acoustics formed by natural building materials and forms, and a fireplace to keep everyone cozy.





*More photos coming soon from the many road trip goodies we came across while on the road!


Taliesin West (website)-2.jpgTaliesin West (website)-3.jpgTaliesin West (website)-4.jpgTaliesin West (website)-6.jpgTaliesin West (website)-7.jpgTaliesin West (website)-8.jpgTaliesin West (website)-9.jpgTaliesin West (website)-10.jpgTaliesin West (website)-11.jpgTaliesin West (website)-12.jpgTaliesin West (website)-13.jpgTaliesin West (website)-14.jpgTaliesin West (website)-15.jpgTaliesin West (website)-16.jpgTaliesin West (website)-18.jpgTaliesin West (website)-17.jpgTaliesin West (website)-23.jpgTaliesin West (website)-24.jpgTaliesin West (website)-25.jpgTaliesin West (website)-26.jpgTaliesin West (website)-20.jpgTaliesin West (website)-19.jpgTaliesin West (website)-21.jpgTaliesin West (website)-32.jpgTaliesin West (website)-28.jpgTaliesin West (website)-33.jpgTaliesin West (website)-35.jpgTaliesin West (website)-36.jpgTaliesin West (website)-37.jpgTaliesin West (website)-38.jpgTaliesin West (website)-39.jpgTaliesin West (website)-40.jpg

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Through the Clouds and Up the Mountain We Go…

Think rain and fog and wind should be an excuse for staying inside all day? No way! Don’t believe me? I’m really happy with these photos I got today on a photo adventure to the Desert View Tower! It’s in the middle of nothing, but has amazing views and some fun boulders to climb on. The dogs on site are incredibly sweet, and the owner is super friendly. Hint: look for the signs to the not-so-natural springs ;-)


Desert View Tower-1.jpgDesert View Tower-2.jpgDesert View Tower-3.jpgDesert View Tower-4.jpgDesert View Tower-5.jpgDesert View Tower-6.jpgDesert View Tower-14.jpgDesert View Tower-9.jpgDesert View Tower-8.jpgDesert View Tower-10.jpgDesert View Tower-11.jpgDesert View Tower-12.jpgDesert View Tower-13.jpg

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Wandering the coast

A recent visit to Laguna Beach started with grey and overcast skies, but ended with an amazing light show in the sky!
Note the progression of sunset photos… This, my friends, is why you wait until immediately AFTER the sunset for the best colors in the sky ;)




OC-LA Coast (web post)-1.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-2.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-3.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-10.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-11.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-4.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-5.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-6.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-7.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-8.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-9.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-12.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-13.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-14.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-15.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-17.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-16.jpgOC-LA Coast (web post)-18.jpg


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Open space and ocean views

Another day, another beautiful home I get to photograph :)

What stood out to me about this home was not that the architecture was lovely and the location was amazing, but that the positive vibe of the homeowners could be felt throughout. You could tell it was a happy home!


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Vintage Surf Family Home

When I get a new architectural photo job, I always look forward to the privilege of seeing someone’s home. It’s such a personal space, and I feel honored to be given full access. I love it even more when it’s a home that I can picture myself living in!

This 1940′s home in the La Jolla Shores area was infused with a clean European vibe, a family of surfboards, and a warm smell of brownies (for a special little girl’s birthday!). The exterior was very unassuming, but the interior just blew me away! The small scale and ecclectic mix of styles made it a home I could really relate to.



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My evening at the mosque

Some time back, during Ramadan, a dear friend invited me to go sit in on a prayer service at her mosque. Knowing very little about Muslim traditions, I was looking forward to learning about her life.

Fast forward to the heated election week, and I became horrified at some of the ignorance that was being spread around by some of the people I have in my life. It was eye-opening, to say the least. It made me realize that even though this is a bit overdue, it was important for me to share with everyone.

My visit to the mosque was full of peace, acceptance, and a sense of community. I didn’t at any point feel like I was being looked at funny, or left out of things, or looked at badly. Instead, people just accepted me into their sacred space for the night, and allowed me to snap plenty of photos while they spent quality time with their community in worship. I’m not a church-going, by-the-book sort of religious person. Instead, I choose to live my religion every day by how I treat people. Actions speak louder than words, right?! That being said, I was amazed at the devotion that people showed to their worship during this (very long!) service. To me it was fascinating and culturally enriching. To them, it’s their life.

In hopes that each of you open your minds to all cultures and religions, I present a small selection of photos from my time in the mosque during the last week of Ramadan.





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